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Offline Web Surfing

*Surveys show that one in five of our kids will receive sexual progress while online but that as few as 25 per cent advisors will inform a parent or adult.

*Approximately 5 percent of our kids were aggressively approached by a sexual predator. What this means is they asked to fulfill the child offline, called them relating to the phone, and sent them money or gifts inside mail.

*89 percent of all sexual advances towards our children take place in internet boards and through instant messaging.

*75 percent of our kids are prepared to share personal information with a stranger online, precisely what the sexual predator is looking to get.

*77 percent with the targets of online potential predators were 14 or old. 22 percent were relating to the ages of 10 and 13.

*30 percent of people that are victimized as a result of sexual predators are boys.

*Sexual predators usually are between the ages associated with 18 and 55. They can be predominately males. Many have no prior criminal record.

*64 percent with the teens surveyed admitted people did things online that they would not want their parents to learn about.

*Approximately 19 percent in our teens say they have considered meeting someone offline they may have only known online.

*Approximately 9 percent in our teens state that they have actually met offline a stranger they previously just knew and met internet.

The net predator has three favorite tools they adore to use to target their victims:

*Online chat rooms that offer private emails or private rooms that they can isolate your child and be aggressive without being observed by others.

*Internet messaging, ever again, for the reason that can get your child one-on-one and try and benefit from them.

*The webcam is among the most favorite tools of the predator to uncover what your child looks like, to try and gain personal information approximately them, and to manipulate them into working at things on camera to help compromise their safety.
As with the people HIV virus, I don’t think it’s going to long before having unprotected surfing with the Internet and catching a virus you can spread to other people are going to be as big a no-no as having unprotected sex.

To be honest, I would welcome some countries making it a criminal offence to plug to the Internet without an automatically daily updated antivirus program installed in the user’s computer.

I recently wrote an article entitled “5 Reasons To check Your Website Security together with 10 Website Security Checks You must Do On Your Internet site. ” But of equal concern should be the security of the computer you use to connect to the internet and your website, or any site.

There is no doubt about it hacking inside websites, the downloading of spyware by unprotected and unsuspecting Internet surfers and the infection of computers with all sorts of viruses is on the increase every year.

Within 2008 over 7, 000 variants of adware and 30 million computers were reported to be infected by fake antivirus programs estimated to be earning their creators $10 million dollars per month. *

By 2009 there was clearly 40 million malware variants increasing at a rate of 55, 000 new ones daily *. surf offline, surf offline, surfoffline

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